hSquared IT provides a wide range of support consulting for small to medium sized businesses. Anything your business is in search of IT wise, HSquared IT can help. From custom Workstation and Server builds to full fledged Office 365 and Azure integration, HSquared is prepared to help your business be as efficient and secure as possible. 

With data leaks and black hat hacking becoming more and more prevalent in today's society, having your personal and confidential data secured from outside threats is increasingly important. Not only do you need your network to be secure, but you need your employees to recognize when something just doesn't seem up to snuff. HSquared can help with both of these aspects, securing not only your network but also training employees to know when an email is faked, forged, or leads to a phishing site.

Overall, hSquared IT is prepared and equipped with the tools to help you in whatever support and or consulting your small or medium sized business may require!